2010 Events

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– Publication: CFAA Director Harry Gao was interviewed by Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhu Zhu regarding US automobile industry – “U.S. Auto Sector Under Resilient Recovery, Yet Risks Lie Ahead” 《美国汽车业复苏明显但风险犹存》. The report is published on Xinhua Net, China Daily and Cai Jing Wang, etc. The content of the report can also be viewed here: Chinese version, English Version


December 7, 2010- A Highly Insightful and Value-Added Panel Discussion on Career Changing

CFAA career changer panel discussion was held on December 7th at the Union League Club of Chicago. Three successful career-changers, Dr. Anlong Li from Spot Tradings LLC, Sam Yan from Morningstar Investment Services, Inc. and Harry Gao from Institutional Capital LLC, who all came from different non-finance backgrounds, met with CFAA members and friends and shared their career transitioning experiences. Over thirty attendees, including professionals in financial related industries, as well as students and recent graduates attended the discussion to gain insights and seek advice from the experts for career changing strategies.(See more details here …)


October, 5, 2010- An Insightful and Intriguing Speech about the Chinese Futures Industry

On October, 5, 2010, CFAA successfully held its distinguished speakers series featuring Ms. Yuan Xiaowen, Chief Executive Officer of Hutai Great Wall Futures Co, at the Union League Club of Chicago. As China just launched its decade-long awaited index futures exchange a few months ago, Ms. Yuan’s speech on the Chinese futures industry was very timely and drew a large audience especially those who are working or interested in the derivatives industry.(See more details here …)


September 17, 2010 – A Great Learning on Chinese Foreign Exchange Administration Policy

On September 17, 2010, CFAA hosted Mr. Mu Zhiqian, President of China Foreign Exchange Journal of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange (SAFE), for a distinguished speaker series at the Union League Club of Chicago. Mr. Mu delivered the speech titled “Chinese Economics Development and Foreign Exchange Administration Reform”.(See more details here …)


June 22, 2010 – CFAA Successfully Hosted “Quantitative Equity Investment” Panel Discussion

On Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010, Chinese Finance Association of America successfully hosted the “Understanding Quantitative Equity Investment” Panel Discussion at the Union League Club of Chicago. Three seasoned Quantitative Equity Investment professionals — Wei Li from Thomas White Asset Management, Jiayu Li from UBS O’Connor, and Kai Liu from Chicago Equity Partners — shared their experience with the attendees. More than fifty people, including financial industry professionals and students, listened to the panel discussion.(See more details here …)


May 30, 2010 – The Current State, Development and Challenges of China’s Higher Education

CFAA successfully co-sponsored a distinguished speaker event featuring Professor Xu Zhihong, Former President of Peking University at the Union League Club of Chicago on May 30, 2010. The event was a great success and received wide media coverage. (See more details here …)



March 25, 2010 – China in a Post-crisis World? — Insights Learned from a China Financial Market Expert

CFAA successfully held its distinguished speakers series featuring Dr. Eugene Zheng, Managing Director of Asia Affairs at Chicago Board Options Exchange at the Union League Club of Chicago on March 25, 2010. With the stabilization of the global economy and the continuous growth from Asia and China, this event provided the audience with a good opportunity to learn from Dr. Zheng with his insights on the topic “The Financial Industry in China: the Present and the Future” in the post-crisis world and beyond the current economic downturn.(See more details here …)



January 25, 2010 – CFAA President Vivian Lin gave a speech to the Asian Management Association at Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management on the topic of diversity in the American professional world