2011 Events

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Nov.18, 2011 – 商业机密:了解金融产业保密问题


应主办方邀请,寰美律师事务所(Quarles & Brady LLP)商业机密诉讼领域的法律专家纳塔莉(Natalie Remington, J.D.),为大家讲解了商业机密的定义、雇主保护商业机密的措施等话题,并现场回答了与会华裔人士所关心的问题。 (See more details here …)


Jun.21, 2011 – 海归还是留美?关键是要扪心自问


当日的主讲嘉宾包括美国百利金融集团(PFG Best)亚洲业务管理主任洪澄(Rex Hong),优时吉国际公司(USG)分析和财务经理李芳(Sandy Li),以及Axiom Law Lawyer Link资深副总裁马克威廉姆斯(Mark Williams)。来自Dragonrecruiting 猎头公司的高文俊主持了当日的讨论。 (See more details here …)


Mar.11, 2011 – CFAA Fundamental Investment Discussion Attracted Strong Interest

On March 23, 2011, CFAA hosted a roundtable discussion on fundamental investing at the Union League Club of Chicago. Panelists included Vivian Lin, CFA, Executive Director and Senior Investment Analyst at UBS Global Asset Management, Harry Gao, CFA, Senior Vice President and Investment Analyst at Institutional Capital, and Larry Cao, CFA, Senior Consultant at Morningstar. The discussion was moderated by Dr. Rui Zheng, CFAA Director and Quantitative Analyst at UBS Global Asset Management. Approximately 40 members and guests participated in the event. (See more details here …)


Feb.23, 2011 – Engaging Speakers and a Celebration of the New Year

CFAA successfully held its Annual Chinese New Year Reception on February 23rd, 2011 at the Union League Club of Chicago. The event’s featured speakers, Dr. Peng Chen, President of Morningstar’s Global Investment Division, and Mr. Tom Bieke, Chief Credit Officer of The PrivateBank, gave interesting and insightful speeches. The Deputy Consul General Mr. Chu Maoming of the People’s Republic of China in Chicago also attended the Reception and expressed a warm wish to CFAA and its members for a prosperous and healthy new year of Rabbit. There were over seventy people in attendance from various professional backgrounds and enjoyed a fun and informative event. (See more details here …)