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Join now to become a member of Chinese Finance Association of America!

• CFAA Regular Membership: A CFAA Regular member will be entitled to preferential event fees, a prority status to join our events and programs, as well as access to other member-only benefits and publications. The annual fee for Regular Membership is $50. To learn more about CFAA Regular Membership, please click here.

• CFAA Premium Membership: In addition to the Regular Membership benefits, a CFAA Premium member will be entitled to waived event fees, preferential admission to member-only events, as well as exclusive meeting and communication opportunities with CFAA speakers etc. The annual fee for Premium Membership is $150. To learn more about CFAA Premium Membership, please click here.

• CFAA Student Membership: a CFAA Student Member can enjoy the benefits of a Regular CFAA Membership at a greatly reduced rate. To be eligible for student membership, you must be enrolled full time in a college/university. Proof of student status is required when you sign up and renew your student membership. The annual fee for Student Membership is $35.

To learn more about CFAA Membership, please click here.

The annual membership fees are non-refundable and subject to change per CFAA Board of Directors’ approval. For questions related to CFAA membership, please email us at

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[az_testimonial_section] [testimonial title=”Richard Zhang” id=”testimonial-1″]Joining CFAA was my best decision in 2014. Through CFAA events I met new friends, grew my network. Very helpful![/testimonial] [testimonial title=”Kai Wang” id=”testimonial-2″]As a recent graduate and new in financial field, I appreciate the opportunity CFAA had provided. Getting to know other Chinese professionals with similar background helped me advance in my career.[/testimonial] [/az_testimonial_section]



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