CFAA Job Board: Job Opening at Global Sage

Hedge Fund Research Analyst

How to apply: please contact Global Sage New York office,

Global Sage is uniquely positioned to conduct U.S./Asia cross-border searches. Currently, Global Sage is working on a search for a $350mm Global L/S Equity fund in China. The fund is up 22% in 2015. Global Sage is helping the hedge fund hire research analysts with:

· 2-5 years of experience from another L/S Equity hedge fund or a top investment banking program;

· Industry generalists with experience covering China and/or the U.S.;

· Willingness to be based in Shanghai or Hong Kong;

· English and Mandarin Chinese language skills required.


Chief Investment Officer of a large public pension fund in Illinois

How to apply: Please contact CFAA ( for more information.